Berlin ASA 1965-1968
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Berlin by day, Berlin by night, wish as you may, wish as you might, whatever you might want could usually be found in Berlin, which was open twenty-four hours a day. Again, along the Kurfurstendamn lit up at night were beacon lights waiting for all who dare. Take a chance,
what do you care?


Panorama 35mm cameras were unheard of in the early sixties, but that did not
deter me. I did things with my Nikon, Pentax, and Mamiyaflex 2 1/4 that were
unheard of then. This photo is only one example. I'm not bragging, I am proud
of what I did with cameras and prints.

I know some of you camera experts out there can catch what
I did here, but please keep it to yourself. I work hard on
what I do, and although criticism is welcome, it's already
done, and I won't re-do it!

"My eyes sometimes ache from seeing too much."


Look closely at the first photograph and the one above and you can see where Dr. Fotojoe did some surgery.
If you look real close in the black and white photo above you can see Teufelsberg in the far background to the middle right on the horizon. Even on a clear day you couldn't see forever in Berlin.


Victory Monument, (Siegessaule), was built in 1873 in commemoration of the Franco Prussian war. It was originally constructed in front of the Reichstag and moved later to its present location in the British sector.


Kongresshalle, a.k.a. the "Oyster Shell" was the seat of the Berlin diplomats.
Winter days were mostly gray in Berlin, as seen here by the overcast skies and
stark colors. Even though these photos are from slides shot nearly thirty-five
years ago, I have held their color as true as possible.


Dem Deutschen Volke building, (Reichstag), was nearly burned to the ground during the
allied bombing. Some contrator made a nice penny reconstructing the old place. I never
knew what went on inside, mainly because I never went in! Some tourist I was, huh?

Okay, so I do have a few touristy photos. Sorry, I lied. If you don't like them, go on to the next page. There may be some more, and there may not. I'm trying to capture the flavor of Berlin during the years I was there, and some of these places lended to that flavor. Besides there are great tourist shots on other web sites, I am sure! Oh, excuse me! One more shot below before you go.
I bet this one's not on any Berlin tourist site!



The Brandenburg Gate! What Berlin site would be complete without it? I turned
a rather boring shot into some sort of creative venture, I guess. Computer toys
are fun if used properly. Sometimes I go out of bounds, but I thought this
rendition of the historic old gate added another dimension to my photos.

Before I forget, if anyone wants to plagiarize my photos, or steal them for any reason whatsoever, my name and initials are hidden in every one of them, and they are copyrighted. You can find my name on every one of them if you look hard enough, but you will never find my initials. So, if you try and rip them off and use them, I will sue you! If you want to use any photo for any reason, buy it, and I give you my blessing! I will even make the print, which will be much better than these, without my name in it, and it's yours to keep! And now, on to the next page!

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