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"Hard to Focus"
"Hard to Focus"



On a concrete beach, lying, basking, burning,
throwing up in self pity

I've seen the sun, the sand, the snow,
and misery poured into a black hole
filling emptiness from lost times

Clouds fall on my head, my eyes scorched
from peering into the looking glass
from the unmirrored side,
those eyes which ache from seeing too much


I feel a brisk, cool wind at my back,
yet my feet burn to find steps
which were lost
thousands of miles
here and away


Once it was easy to turn,
twist, dial, focus

The image was clear and clean,
the soul pure

When goodness goes afoul,
the times they blur,
screeching across a celluloid screen,
guts pouring from within, without

Dialing a wrong number
for a stranger's voice



A weeping willow cries to join me
I have your son
He is yours
You are his
Grass grows, and airplanes roar


A lost crystal gazer's speech is shattered
The stars and constellations grow helpless

Its hard to focus on a concrete beach
with the killer lurking in the background
waiting to pummel you with hard hands
and soft feet

Search and cry not,
for tears from within your soul
only melt away on helpless flesh
and fall shattered to the ground

Useless, spurting, senseless sperm
jets through the air
with wings that will never fly

Protect yourself against your neighbor,
don't watch him split the spouse,
jerk and head for the fall

Gimme five and take a seat, but leave the hat on the rack,
it stinks enough!


Watch out old man!
A stroke could lead to a stroke!


Alcoholic lights blearily shine on false hair,
false lashes, false egos
If only she didn't have cancer
Cross-eyed sot
Sorry for herself
Better off dead


Pink paper stamped by a dime
and mailed to the wrong address
When are you returning? Your life awaits you
Where is it?

When are you coming?

I'll be there when the ragweed dies


Don't be late. Time is owed.
Never come through with what's done is done

The official cause
was acute myocardial infarction
He died an alcoholic, and everyone knew it,
but took a drink and gave him more
A coronary?
Shit, he died of loneliness

Clear away the smoke, blow out your lungs,
rush to the mound
Put it back on now, it will not hurt

Slip in between, fade gently into the darkness


The road's a blur, and the lines are black
Coming round the bend, gotta stop for more

Ozone's up! Beware!
It's a killer that could save your life


The deserters plead for mercy from their captors
The veterans killed, and medaled,
lost arms, legs, minds



Nurse, give me a shot to kill the pain!
John Hancock stands under the pouring rain

It's hard to focus

Sang will help,
she's kind and good
Whipped her neck and won't work on it
Dumb, for such a lovely nurse

All right staff, I'm ready to go
Give me a ticket, I'll watch your show


Pedal me down to three
Give me a scar
sew it up with thirty or more
Remove that old quarter and its all over
Thanks doc, I needed that for sure

I've gone from a hook to a fade
You know what is said about old soldiers who never die
I did my damndest not to cry


Bare your soul and look inside
to discover its been bared before
Look deeper and you will see
you are already there,
its only to find

A hundred and fifty, that's all I ask
But if you want, give me over that
I will take it and leave you alone
Thats all it cost. Summon me and I'm there


Bracket it for good
Frame it for a cost
Memories within pass through too quickly,
and can only be caught in a thousandth,
living forever, created in a split second

Railway fading into the sun
with eyes bugging to discover they're frozen


Its hard to focus on a concrete beach
when you are part of it,
and can't be washed ashore

Drive away now,
go back from where you came

Its a pleasure to mam,
sad and not ashamed

For I'm right whether wrong or not

Its hard to focus
when there's never been a plot



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